Anorak News | Luka Magnotta is swimming with dolphins and becoming a tabloid celebrity

Luka Magnotta is swimming with dolphins and becoming a tabloid celebrity

by | 1st, June 2012

LUKA Magnotta is now a tabloid star. The former “porn star” / “model” / James Dean look alike (he had surgery to look like his idol) / suspected kitten killer and massive self-promoter on the internet is wanted by Canadian police in connection with a dismembered body, parts of which have been posted to the country’s politicians.

You might watched user “Luke Magnotta” apparently murdering and then sexually assaulting a man on a snuff website. The film is called 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pic.

Now you can read about him in the Sun, which screams from its front page:


The Sun says it has heard from the alleged killer.

Cannibal on run after ‘chopping up man’ warned The Sun: I can’t stop killing – First he fed kitten to snake on sick vid & we alerted cops but they did nothing

What a scoop! The wanted man had made contact with the British newspaper. The British newspaper knows for certain Magnotta killed cats by suffocation. And it knows it all just from watching a view and reading an email. Call off the police. The Sun has cracked it.

But why has Magnotta told all to the Sun? Well, he hasn’t. The paper did receive an email last December in which the writer noted:

“Once you kill and taste blood it’s impossible to stop.”

The Sun has not heard form Magnotta since. Moreover, the Sun has no proof that Magnotta ever wrote the email. As it reports:

Magnotta is believed to have written a chilling email to The Sun saying: “I’ll be back — and this time the victims won’t be animals.”

Believed? Fact.

The message, received by email to the Sun’s general email address was singed “John Kilbride”. The Sun says that’s the name of one of the child victims of Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. It is also the name of hundreds of other people who are called John Kilbride.

But how is Magnotta front-page news? He has no criminal record. He denied killing cats in films posted on YouTube. He is only wanted in connection with the torso found in Montreal and body parts from it despatched to the offices of Canada’s Tories and Liberals. And – get this – he was last seen in Canada.

The Sun reports:

“Last night he was believed by cops to have fled back to Europe — possibly heading for London.”

Really? Magnotta, who now features on FBI and Interpol “Most Wanted” lists, has managed to get undetected on a flight to London? This the London that is staging the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. Of all the places in the world to slip into undetected, Magnotta has chosen London. Other hiding places, such as the Pope’s balcony, the UN Security Council chamber and the White House should not be discounted.

Magnotta once lived in Wembley, north London, says the Sun.

Still, the email did state:

“Well, I have to say goodbye for now. But don’t worry, in the near future you will be hearing from me again. This time, however, the victims won’t be small animals. I will however, send you a copy of the new video I’m going to be making. You see, killing is different than smoking… with smoking you can actually quit. Once you kill, and taste blood, it’s impossible to stop.”

The Sun never did get a video. (And you never did quit smoking.)

While the Sun does its best to make Magnotta famous, over in the National Post, Josh Visser sticks to the facts:

For the past five years, there has been a concerted online campaign to promote the profile of alleged body-dismembering murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta by linking him to high-profile killers including Karla Homolka and a gay U.S. porn star convicted of murder.

You can read more about that here. Magnotta has been convicted of no crime.

Magnotta — a self-proclaimed “porn star” — first appeared in the public eye in 2007, when he was interviewed by the Toronto Sun and claimed his life was ruined by Internet rumours that he was dating Karla Homolka. Magnotta said he wasn’t dating Homolka, and said he didn’t even know how the rumour started…

Homolka is convicted child rapist and murderer.

“Since that episode, there appears to be numerous social media profiles and articles made with the sole intention of creating promotion for Magnotta.”

Magnotta wants to be famous. Animal Beta Project has looked at him. They are quoted:

“[Magnotta] appears to be a successful model / gay porn actor who is tormented by the Canadian Gossip community and press for his sexuality…However, when you dig deeper, you come to realize that all the information posted on the internet is from Luka Magnotta himself.”

Indeed. Get a load of that email the Sun thinks is from Magnotta. The Sun laps it up.

A report on, often cited on Internet message boards and which has since been taken offline, is titled “Karla Homolka Serial Murderess and Husband Luka Magnotta in the Caribean. (sic)” It was posted in June 2010 by user Inewsman — the author’s sole post on the website. It features a flattering picture of Magnotta.

You might have read about Magnotta, the porn star, on Now Republic, a site on which anyone can post:

But the interviewer “Currentnews40″ only wrote two articles (both in August 2010), one on Magnotta, and a column on making psychiatric patients take their medication — close in tone to what Magnota has written elsewhere.

Anyone seen Magnotta’s porn output? Is he really a porn star? Has he made even any user-generated porn? Right now we don’t know. But the words Magnotta “gay porn star” feature in pretty much every article on him, including the Sun’s.

Starting in October 2011 and several times in 2012, someone went on Wikipedia and changed the name of Homolka’s husband to Luka Magnotta. Each time a different profile was used to make that one change.’ 

“Vince Luciforia” makes the claim that Magnotta lived in Los Angeles with gay porn star Timothy J. Boham aka (Marcus Allen), who murdered a Colorado businessman in 2006. He was convicted in 2009. This claim has since been repeated, often word for word, by several different web commentors. “Vince Luciforia” also put up a video on DailyMotion (his only video there) of Magnotta, which is just a single photo of the model posing against a blood red background. That video was put up in September 2011. The same photo in that video is used in a March 2012 Blogspot post called “Necrophiliac Serial Killer Luka Magnotta” — in which the author writes of falling in love with the “mummified corpse of a young man.”…“It’s not cool to the world being a necrophiliac. It’s bloody lonely,” writes the anonymous author.

Another profile on YouTube, “TheScarface3030″ posted numerous videos entitled “Luka Magnotta” and makes numerous claims of having inside information of Magnotta.

“His agent also would hire people to follow Luka and send obsessive amounts of love notes and spread false rumors to ruin Luka’s career. Luka had to get a restraining order and leave the country,” he writes.

We are told:

“Luka Magnotta ‘s IQ has been measured at about 138, signifying very superior intelligence according to an article I just read. Looks and brains,” TheScarface3030 wrote.

On YouTube videos with Magnotta’s name, there are multiple similar user accounts praising Magnotta.

One user in particular, “Sentinal560,” stands out. The account says it is a fan account for Magnotta and links to other videos of Magnotta, as well as videos of a Law and Order episode inspired by the schoolgirl slayings of Homolka and Paul Bernado.

So. Here’s to the Sun which manges to kill a wanted and presumed innocent man a “killer” who “can’t stop killing”.

Such are the facts.

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