Anorak News | D’Angelo lives and dies by the six-pack – when men gets body issues

D’Angelo lives and dies by the six-pack – when men gets body issues

by | 2nd, June 2012

D’ANGELO, the singer formerly known as Michael Eugene Archer, has issues. Amy Wallace reports on what happens when talent turns himself into a himbo and loses his devotion to the prime rib:

D’Angelo felt tortured, Questlove says, by the pressure to give the audience what it wanted. Worried that he didn’t look as cut as he did in the video, he’d delay shows to do stomach crunches. He’d often give in, peeling off his shirt, but he resented being reduced to that. Wasn’t he an artist? Couldn’t the audience hear the power of his music and value him for that? He would explode, Questlove recalls, and throw things. Sometimes he’d have to be coaxed not to cancel shows altogether. When I ask D about this, he downplays his suffering. Watching him pull hard on another Newport, I realize that he finds it far easier to confess his addictions than his insecurities about his corporeal self. Self-destructing with a coke spoon—while ill-advised—has a badass edge. Fretting over what Questlove has called “some Kate Moss shit” seems anything but manly…

A shaven chest owned by man who spends hours in the gym working out in front of a mirror was once considers less than manly…

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