Anorak News | Lembit Opik meets crippling Kade Callous – video

Lembit Opik meets crippling Kade Callous – video

by | 6th, June 2012

FORMER weather girl Cheeky Girl sexer, who controversially appeared with unmarried Gabriela Irimia on Mr & Mrs (what of tradition?)and still former Lib-Dem MP Lembit Opik entered the ring in Welshpool, Powys, and experienced Kade Callous.

The bout was triggered when Opik called Kade a cheat. The wrestler hauled him to the ring and challenged him to a fight. Opik agreed.

Opik was hurt, badly. Callous has, as a result, been banned from fighting for 30 days. He is unrepentant, stating:

“Lembit is a fame whore who came to my show trying to take my little bit of limelight. He tried to make a fool of me. How much of a fool would I have looked backing off from this weedy old man. Lembit, you created this situation. This is your fault. When you knowingly and willingly set foot in the ring I’m going to try to hurt you. I am gonna hurt you. I want to hurt you bad. Not because I’m in any way sadistic. But because that’s what needs to be done. You are not a wrestler; you are not trained to be a wrestler. You are some D-list celebrity that thinks he can make a quick buck in the world of pro wrestling, I am going to cripple you.”

Hear that, Opik? He said “D-list.” Things are looking up…

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