Anorak News | Luka Magnotta: dead eyes, three feet and the chance to see a snuff video

Luka Magnotta: dead eyes, three feet and the chance to see a snuff video

by | 6th, June 2012

LUKA Magnotta: Anorak’s look at the alleged kitten killer and Lin Jun murderer in the news:

The Daily Mail has already labelled Magnotta a cannibal, but the Telegraph says the “Canadian psycho” “may have eaten part of victim”. And, then again, he may not have. Magnotta is being held in Germany, awaiting extradition to Canada. German police say he’s a”model prisoner”. Given his vanity. Magnotta would be pleased with that description.

One other title Magnotta has earned is the ‘Butcher of Montreal’. Only, he’s not been convicted of butchering anyone or anything.

So. What is he like? Nina Arsenault is a Toronto transsexual performer who dated Magnotta around 2002 ago. She says he told her:

“I’m afraid that when you look into my eyes… that you’ll see that there’s nothing inside of me.”

Magnotta is all dramatic and self-conscious. But while he plots his moment in the media spotlight, we wonder: where are the other body parts?  Lin Jun torso, hand and foot (the parts were posted to political party’s) are all the police have. There is no head. No legs.

The Vancouver Sun says one foot and one hand have been received via the post at two Vancouver schools. There is talk of a another foot had been found in Montreal. As the Atlantic Wire correctly notes this “make a total of three feet, which would indicate a new victim.” But then La Presse notes that one of the feet Montreal foot was made of plastic.

Both the posted hand and foot are being examined.  B.C. Coroner’s spokeswoman Barbara McLintock uses all of her expertise to note:

“If it’s what we fear it is, it’s highly suspicious.”

So says the expert.

And what of the video that could show the murder of Lin Jun? A letter writer to the National Post writes:

Now that Luka Magnotta has been captured, presumably he will spend the rest of his life in prison. A lingering question though is what to do with the terrible video he posted online.
According to various news articles, the video has been viewed more than 300,000 times in the last week. I am ashamed to admit that I was one of those viewers. The video is more horrendous than portrayed in many news articles. It shows the enslavement and murder of the poor victim, his limbs and genitals cut from the body, necrophiliac acts performed, decapitation, the feeding of body parts to animals, and cannibalism. The images are, without a doubt, the most horrendous images I have ever seen.

Given the chance, would you watch it on the Best Gore website?

“We do have a video that was posted on the web,” Montreal Commander Ian Lafreniere told a press conference Tuesday. “For us, we believe it’s the right one, but now we have to prove it, so [there are] some legal issues also about this.”

The site’s owner is Mark Marek. Says he:

“Would you not rather know that the man who lives next to you is not that nice, quiet boy who’s friends with your kids, but a murderer with shady past? If exposing a murderer for whom he is and bringing his actions to the attention of the public and the police is a crime, then I better get put in jail.”

It’s all public service, folks, a honey trap for killers and sadists.

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