Anorak News | The Chinese trade in dead and live pangolin

The Chinese trade in dead and live pangolin

by | 7th, June 2012

WOULD you eat a pangolin? Plenty do. This week, Thai customs rescued 110 pangolins worth about $35,500 that they say were to be sold outside the country as exotic food. The Chinese love them. The Herbal Encyclopedia say pangolin are “used to cure tumefaction [swelling], promote blood circulation and help breast-feeding mothers produce milk.” Mix pangolin with turtle shell to cure your fibroids. Like everything else, it tastes like chicken…


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In this photo taken Thursday, Dec, 10, 2009, Indonesian Forest Ministry officials and forest police burn pangolins during a destruction of the 763 kilogram of pangolin meat confiscated by Customs and Excise in Kapuk, Indonesia. The pangolin trade, banned in 2002 by CITES, the international convention on endangered species, resembles a pyramid. At the base are poor rural hunters, including workers on Indonesia's vast palm oil plantations. They use dogs or smoke to flush the pangolins out or shake the solitary, nocturnal animals from trees in often protected forests. (AP Photo)

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