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Working meth lab busted in Walmart store

by | 8th, June 2012

IS WALMART offering enterprising types the chance to open a store inside its stores? Until recently, a store inside a Walmart in South St. Louis County, Missouri, was producing drugs in what police called an “active methamphetamine production laboratory”.

One news report tells us the “lab” involved a female shoplifting suspect making “meth in the loss prevention office.”

Good to see she’s not wasting her time. American was built of hard yakka and chutzpah.

KDSK-TV notes:

“Loss prevention had detained the woman, and she was placed in a holding area until officers arrived. While she was detained, she began cooking meth in the holding room.”

It turns out that you can fit a meth lab inside your handbag:

Portable meth labs, also known as “shake and bake” labs, are typically made out of a two-liter or 20-ounce water bottles.

Shake and bake? Like this:

Emptying all but the last few sips from a liter of Aquafina, he peeled off the outer layers of a lithium battery and crushed two packets’ worth of Sudafed. He sprayed starting fluid into the plastic bottle and added the final few ingredients, including a few tablets of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Then he commenced to shake the container like a maraca.

That experince ended in disaster when the toop of teh bottle as unscrewed snd blew up in the lab worker’s face.

Still, it’s encouraging to k wo that science and small business zones have rarely been more popular…

Image: 2011 -Elizabeth Halfmoon was arrested for mixing up starter fluid with sulfuric acid inside a plastic bottle and taping the cap on in her mobile “meth lab”.

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