Anorak News | Plattenacht! Ilias Kasidiaris and his Golden Dawn party like it’s 1941

Plattenacht! Ilias Kasidiaris and his Golden Dawn party like it’s 1941

by | 12th, June 2012

ILIAS Kasidiaris wants the two women he slapped on the telly charged with breaking the law. Ilias Kasidiaris is the happy-slapping official spokesman of the Nazi-styled Golden Dawn party. He says he was “set-up” to go on the telly and slap two Left-wing politicos – Liana Kanelli, spokeswoman of the KKE communist party, and Rena Dourou, of the Syriza party. He would also like to sue broadcaster Antenna, which, as he claims, tried to “illegally restrain” him after the incident.

Kasidiaris may yet sure the makers of the glass that contained the water (sue those swine as well) which was placed provocatively on a desk (note: sue desk maker) making it all to easy for Kasidiaris to pick up the glass and throw said water at Dourou who, criminally, failed to duck.

Golden Dawn has blamed the aggression on the media for, allegedly, working in cahoots with Raikou.

For his sins, Kasidiaris has appeared before the public prosecutor in Athens. He is also involved in a criminal case in which a student was stabbed in 2007 – the spokesman’s alleged crimes include illegal possession of a weapon.

All nasty stuff. But, then, Golden Dawn, are an odd bunch. With a name that’s more race horse than race hate, their symbol harks back to the Swastika and Atari video games of the late 1970s. Their slogan is “Greece Above All”. Their leader is one Nikos Michaloliakos, who when his party won 21 seats in Parliament back in May yelled “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. Get a load of those nationalistic Greek-Roman-German Nazis.

Crank up the music and party like it’s 1941 with the Greek collaborators. Light the torches. Raise your saucers and servicing dishes on the end of an outstretched arm. It’s Plattenacht. Let’s smash China!

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