Anorak News | Shot Girls: Vanity Wonder uncovers the black market in silicon buttock injections

Shot Girls: Vanity Wonder uncovers the black market in silicon buttock injections

by | 13th, June 2012

VANITY Wonder is the woman lifting the lid on the world of black market buttock injections. In Shot Girls, Vanity  revela such moments as meeting Luxor:

Her breasts were huge and she had a big jiggly booty. She was over 6ft tall though, with huge hands and feet and her voice was kind of, well, deep. I blew it off like maybe she was just a big woman.

While the two of them caught up, Luxor brashly instructed Casey to put the numbing ointment on me and Denim. He called us over one at a time and rubbed a gel on our butts, then covered them with saran wrap. When I pulled my pants down, he was surprised.

“OH! You smell just like baby powder! It’s nice to get somebody in here that smell good. Some of these girls come in here smellin’ so bad!” he said.

The gel was intended to numb the pain.

I gave Luxor my $500 and took off my pants…Casey put a pair of gloves on and grabbed a Dixie cup. Then, he pulled out a bottle and poured some liquid from it, into the cup. He submerged the syringe inside the cup and pulled the plunger to gather the liquid into it. The last thing he did was screw the needle onto the syringe… I would be getting 9 shots in a vertical direction on my butt. There would be 3 injection sites (top, middle and bottom) with three shots in each site. His hands were gentle as he stuck the needle in my left cheek for the first time. The poke hurt a little but it was nothing compared to the feeling of the liquid flooding into my butt. It was a sharp pain that shot down my leg, into my knee and shin, then back again. I’ve never been struck by lightning but I’m pretty sure that’s what this felt like. I had to breathe… I was in pain…

…Then, he used superglue to seal the poke hole that was made by the needle. After that, he pressed a fresh, dry cotton pad on the super glue so it would stick and moved on.

The next morning, I woke up and was more than ready to get the cotton and superglue off of my butt. As I drove home, I thought about the instructions I’d been given on how to remove everything and how to take care of my new backside. I was supposed to soak in a hot bath, and after a while, the super glue would loosen and with little to no effort, the cotton would come off. The instructions were also to NOT pull, tug or rip off the cotton and to immediately start massaging it as soon as I got out of the tub.

The reason for not pulling off the cotton was because it might scar or pull off the seal that the superglue had created and start leaking out, what you’d just paid to get put in. The reason for massaging was because the liquid needed to be integrated into your butt right away. It had only been injected into three areas of each cheek and you don’t want it to bunch up there. It needed to be massaged around so it would settle evenly all over your butt. You needed a series of good massages if you didn’t want lumps.

I followed these instructions and the cotton came off without incident.


We decided to call Onyx and ask her what Luxor had injected us with, when the conversation took a turn and a couple of the girls said that they’d heard that Luxor was a man.

On the phone, Onyx verified that Luxor was indeed a man…

Onyx also went on to say, that she would call Luxor to see exactly what it was that was injected in us but she was pretty sure that it was Soybean Oil. She said that she needed to call her to set up our next appointments anyway so she would make sure she asked. After getting off of the phone with Onyx, I felt better now that I “knew” (and I use that word loosely) what was pumped inside me. I mean, Soybean oil sounds all natural, from the earth and harmless right?

At the strip club…

About 30 minutes later, this 18 yr old girl that we worked with strolled in. She had her appointment with Luxor about 2 ½ hours before coming to the club, and all 6 of her injection sites were leaking. BAD. It was apparent that she had taken her super glue and cotton off way too soon. She was at work now though, and didn’t want to leave so we decided to help her out any way we could.

The same house mom that was there during the time I almost overdosed was still there, and you could tell by the look on her face that she knew this was going to be a long night. She didn’t agree with what we were doing to our bodies but she still gathered the necessities. She provided us with plenty of rubbing alcohol so we could keep the injection sites clean. She wasn’t able to find any superglue but she did have nail glue so we tried to seal the young girl up as best we could with it.

Before we knew it, it was time for Denim to go on the stage. After her 2 song set, it was my turn. As soon as I walked up to the pole, I had to get my footing because the floor was extremely slippery.

“She must be leaking too,” I thought to myself.

I tried to go about my normal stage routine, but it was almost impossible because I couldn’t get traction. The “soybean oil” was all over the stage. In an effort to not look like a bumbling fool because of the slippery floor, I decided to get down and do a sexy floor show. I leaned my back against the pole for support and seductively slid down to the floor. As I sexily sat down on the stage, an excruciating pain consumed my body, radiating from my butt…

Directly after me, it was time for the 18 year old girl to get on the stage. When her 2 song set was over, she rushed up to the dressing room because of how badly she was leaking. We glued her up again, as best as we could, with the nail glue so she could get back on the floor.

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