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UK Uncut are ignorant idiots says Judge

by | 14th, June 2012

UK Uncut are ignorant idiots says a Judge. While we knew this it’s interesting to get the conformation from a senior and respected retired judge. He didn’t put it in quite these words of course, but that is the gist of his message.

We all remeber UK Uncut going off on one about how Vodafone dodged £6 billion in tax. The problem is that’s not really quite what happened. As the National Audit Office report released today points out:

Sir Andrew Park’s overall conclusion is that the settlement reached was a good one and represented fair value for the wider taxpaying community. Had the Department not reached a settlement, the case would have gone to litigation. In Sir Andrew Park’s opinion, company D had a good chance of winning both of its two arguments: the motive test defence and the Cadbury Schweppes defence. If it had won on either of these, the outcome would have been that it had no tax liability at all relating to subsidiary D’s interest income.

There wasn’t ever a £6 billion bill, Vodafone wasn’t let off by anyone and the end result was almost certainly more tax collected than if they’d carried on fighting it out in the courts.

Angry students gluing themselves to shop windows is all good clean fun. But that doesn’t mean we should actually listen to those doing it for the reality is that they’re likely to be idiots, ignorant, or both. That’s why they’re still students of course, because we’re trying to educate their ignorance out of them.


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