Anorak News | TOWIE tanner Lauren Goodger targeted by online golfers – twitter horror!

TOWIE tanner Lauren Goodger targeted by online golfers – twitter horror!

by | 15th, June 2012

LAUREN Goodger wants to talk about trolls. Having previously starred in the first ever celebrity abort ‘n’ tell, flogged slimming pills tested on animals and working as a rep for Peta, Lauren pushed her envelope by tweeting a photo of her arse – “Marbella 2012 @Oceanclub with my @RiverIslandPR monokini on!x”. As a result, Lauren’s twitter account received comments that were not all flattering.

In “I wish the sperm that made you never found the egg“, the Sun leads with an “investigation into the vile abuse” received by the “TOWIE star”.

So bad is it that a few hours later, Lauren tweets a photo of her tummy (see photo):

Just been gym I want 6 pac loool not there yet little way 2 go I don’t want be skinny I want be fit!!x

To save you the bother of following Lauren on Twitter, Jenna Sloan and Lauren pick out the best tweets:

Lauren, 25, said: “One message I got said ‘I bet your mum and dad hate you’…another said ‘I bet your mum wishes her egg had never accepted the sperm that made you’. That was shocking. Another said ‘you look like a Cabbage Patch doll’.”

All worthy of the Suns front page, for sure. Reading Lauren’s tweets in the paper for 30p is much better than reading them online.

But out pick is this one from @abbymaybutler, who writes in reaction to Lauren tweeting “Me playing Golf in Marbs OMG the best was driving the buggies I loved it”:

@LaurenGoodger you played golf in wedges though? Die

If you thought twitter trolls were the sink of humanity, Lauren, let me introduce you to the golfers…


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