Anorak News | Holly Vallance invites winos to party in her cardboard box

Holly Vallance invites winos to party in her cardboard box

by | 15th, June 2012

HOLLY Vallance, known to journalists, the institutionalised and other daytime telly watchers as Flick Scully from Neighbours, is engaged to be married to Nick Candy, a very rich property developer. The pair will wed in Los Angeles this summer. In OK! magazine Holly tells readers that “you could have a good party in a cardboard box”.

Holly currently resides in a penthouse at One Hyde Park, where a similar property in the same block of flats sold for a reported £136.4m. The place is made entirely of hand-made cardboard.

Holly then adds:

“You have to focus on quality not quantity…a glass of Gallo is nice…”

Holly is paid to advertise Gallo, the syrupy off-licence staple that retails for £6.49 a bottle in Asda. And Holly’s right. We asked a few locals, who actually live in cardboard boxes, often beneath concrete bridges, what they think of Gallo. Nearly all who remained conscious enough to reply said it was “ace”, although Bronco Pete said a “spot of meth livens sit up a treat” and “Matt The Talc” advised using it to wash in…

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