Anorak News | Luka Magnotta: He might have practiced for murder on his doll Barbie

Luka Magnotta: He might have practiced for murder on his doll Barbie

by | 17th, June 2012

LUKA Magnotta is in a cell in Berlin, awaiting extradition to Canada. The head of his alleged victim, Jun Lin, has not been found. So far, two hands and two feet from Lin’s body have arrived via the post at part two Vancouver schools, the Ottawa headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada and another addressed to the country’s Liberal party was intercepted at the post office.

Montreal police Commander Ian Lafreniere tells media:

“The state of the body is so bad. It was cut. It was dismembered. This is a very hard case for us in terms of being extremely gross. We’re still missing body parts.”

Gory to some, but entertaining to others. The video, 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick, that shows the alleged murder has been shown to class at Montreal’s Cavelier-De LaSalle High School. The teacher who broadcast the movie has been suspended.

Over in the Sun, there’s more Magnotta entertainment. Resting on her cleavage, offered up to flesh-hungry readers in the mode of St Agatha, we meet the smiling and “devastated ex-lover of cannibal killer suspect Luka Magnotta“.

Meet transsexual Barbie. She says Magnotta is a nutter, and the signs were always there. There was the time, for instance, that he took her to see the film Basic Instinct 2. The Sun reminds us that in that sicko film a “victim is killed with an ICE PICK.” Barbie recalls:

“He held my hand throughout the scene where someone gets killed with an ice pick. It is disturbing to think we watched that scene together and that is what he is said to have gone on to do.”

Sharon Stone was that killer. Did she drive him to it?

“Sickened” Barbie, 29, tells us:

“When I heard Luka was suspected of killing a man I was disgusted and disturbed. I wish I had never met the monster.”

Is he monster? Was he a monster then?

“I felt ill that I could have dated a man who was said to have done something so horrific. I had panic attacks because he knew where I lived and I thought he could come for me.”

Panic over, Barbie. Magnotta is behind bars. And – get this – he’s been found guilty of no crime.

“I forced myself to watch the murder video on the net.”

Bravery, thy name is Barbie.

“I thought, ‘It could have been me. He could have chopped me up like that’.”

You can see in the mind’s eye a shadowy figure pulling the head off a Barbie doll, snapping off her limps one by one before super-glueing two cheese balls to her chest. The grisly murder of Jun Lin is not enough. We need to imagiene a suspected killer doing it to a woman.

Barbie adds of the “monster”:

“I fell in love with him — but I have to admit he could have killed more.”

Admit. Could. Sheesh! Any more facts, Barbie, or are you saving them for the book?

She has one more anecdote of Monster Magnotta:

“He was nice sometimes. He called me one night and said he wanted to take me out to dinner. I said no because I wasn’t sure about him but then he turned up in a limo. I had never really travelled in a limo before. I thought that was pretty romantic.”


“He always seemed squeamish to me.”

Such are the facts…


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