Anorak News | Martha Payne uses her school dinner blog to promote the Roman Catholicism in Africa

Martha Payne uses her school dinner blog to promote the Roman Catholicism in Africa

by | 17th, June 2012

MARTHA Payne was doing it for a Christian charity. The nine-year-old blogger has so far raised £70,000 for charity after Argyll and Bute Council forbade her from posting photos of her Lochgilphead Primary school dinners on her blog and then, in the media spotlights, caved in.

Matha Payne is raising cash for school dinners in Malawi. She has taken the parental advice, that if the kids in Africa are starving they can have my revolting dinner, by raising enough money to feed the children over there.

Matha scores each meal on her “food-o-meter”, giving the mush a health rating. She then counts the number of mouthfuls she needs to eat it. When it’s peas and smoked haddock the mouthful count can top 23,000!

Martha’s a wonder. And then you meet her dad, who set up the blog. He tells media:

“A kitchen in Malawi costs £7,000. But there’s so much extra there that it could feed thousands of children for a year. I believe it’s something like £10 a year to feed a child at school and it’s an incredibly small sum and so the generous support that has come in from around the world is going to make a huge difference to so many children.

“It’s going to bring children into education and into a healthy meal – it’s fantastic.”

The cash has gone to Mary’s Meals. Who are they then?

Mary’s Meals is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought up her child in poverty.

Yep. It’s a Catholic movement on a mission. The Mary’s Meals Statement of Values tells us:

We recognise the willingness of people to pray and fast for our work and invite those who share this belief to play their part in our mission in this manner.

Mary’s Meals has its head office at Craig Lodge:

Craig Lodge Family House of Prayer is Catholic Retreat Centre in the village of Dalmally, set amongst the beautiful hills and lochs of Argyll, Scotland.

You can make the Mary’s Meals prayer on a print out card.

Mary’s Meals founder Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow will be speaking at this year’s Christ Our Life Conference in Iowa, USA, being held at Des Moines’ Wells Fargo Arena on September 22 and 23, 2012.

As we learn on its website:

The purpose of the Christ Our Life Catholic Conference is to inspire souls to seek eternal life through presenting the Glory of Christ to all in attendance.

Such are the facts…


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