Anorak News | Tax avoider Jimmy Carr says tax avoiders are pigs killing the country (video)

Tax avoider Jimmy Carr says tax avoiders are pigs killing the country (video)

by | 19th, June 2012

JIMMY Carr is best known for his jokes about Rupert Murdoch contracting genital diseases from a demonic louse. In other news, Jimmy Carr is on the front page of the Times (prop. R Murdoch), the subject of a story about tax avoidance.

Alexi Mostrous writes:

Thousands of wealthy people in Britain pay as little as 1 per cent income tax using “below the radar” accounting methods, part of a tax avoidance industry that costs the country billions of pounds.

Tax loopholes are not always accidents. Whisper it: they are part of the tax structure. They might even be deliberate:

An investigation by The Times into tax avoidance begins today with the exposure of a single Jersey-based scheme that shelters £168 million a year from the taxman. Jimmy Carr, the comedian who performed for the Queen at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations this month, is understood to be the largest beneficiary of the K2 tax scheme.


Mr Carr shelters £3.3 million a year through K2, which is used by 1,100 tax avoiders, according to an accountant selling the scheme.

The scheme shelters £168million and individual tax avoidance costs £4.5billion a year.

As David V Lancet writes of Carr, the comic who finds rape funny:

Jimmy Carr, who will be my moral compass now?

Paul Bassett Davies adds:

Look, if you force someone like Jimmy Carr to pay a high rate of tax you might drive him out of the country. Worth a try, anyway.

Carr’s lawyers say he has done nothing wrong. He’s broken no law. It’s just that a man who makes his living on pisspoor satirical TV show 10’o’clock News Live might ensure he’s better than the people he lampoons.

As Jimmy Carr says: “Now. Bend over and shut up.” And die:

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