Anorak News | Tour for The Voice gets cancelled, unsurprisingly

Tour for The Voice gets cancelled, unsurprisingly

by | 19th, June 2012

REMEMBER The Voice? Do you remember the winner? Did you even hear the song? Chances are, the only thing you had to do with The Voice, was continual puzzlement at people on social networking, saying they fancied Will.I.Am. That’s right. There’s people out there who want to have sex with someone who looks like a Lego Tron figurine, complete with simpleton grin.

Of course, The Voice was the latest show to proudly proclaim that It Wasn’t The X Factor, which is a dangerous dance. That’s because The X Factor has a habit of being much better than competitors because it knows full well that it is little more than trashy television. It is to music was WWE is to professional sport. So when The Voice comes along, trying to pass itself as ‘more real’, it was asking for trouble.

And the result is that the show looks like it will be cancelling the upcoming tour of finalists because there’s just no interest in it.

Arena gigs had been scheduled in Liverpool, Manchester, London and Cardiff, but various reports are saying that, thanks to slow sales, the plug has been well and truly pulled on the idea. We can only hope that the BBC do the same for any further series of The Voice too.

It’s a shame for Leanne Mitchell, Bo Bruce, Vince Kidd, Becky Hill, Max Milner, Jaz Ellington, Tyler James and Ruth Brown who won’t be performing in large venues now, shuffling off into the middle-distance with their dreams in ruins. Nice one TV execs.

If you’re mental enough to have bought a ticket, apparently, you’ll be getting a full refund. The same can’t be said of those who failed to make much of a dent with┬áLeanne’s debut single in the Top 40.

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