Anorak News | Prepare to vomit: Jodie Marsh sending mucky texts to Frankie Cocozza

Prepare to vomit: Jodie Marsh sending mucky texts to Frankie Cocozza

by | 20th, June 2012

THAT feeling of nausea you feel every single second of every single stinking day is about to erupt out of your eyes and nose in a disgusting, almost beautiful, flowing arc.

Jodie Marsh has revealed that she and Frankie Cocozza share dirty text messages with each other.

Just picture that. Cocozza, with his head that looks like a Cabbage Patch doll peering out of a bear’s arse, feverishly thrashing away at texts sent from Jodie ‘looks like she’s made out of varnish and boiled sausages’ Marsh. It’s enough to make you lose every single lunch you’ve ever eaten.

Of course, this won’t ever result in anything because Jodie Marsh¬†doesn’t think the X Factor reject could handle her in the bedroom.

She said: ”He sent me this message saying, ‘Can I come round and f**k you?¬†‘So I text him back saying, ‘Are you drunk?’ Frankie and I do send each other dirty texts. He has spent the night at my house, in my bed. But we just had a cuddle. We spooned.”

She added, completely unaware of the steady vomiting going on around her: “I think he got a bit scared when he was actually in my bed. One thing that would stop me having a fling with Frankie is that he’s too much of a party boy. If I was going to open the floodgates, I know I’d want it five times a night, and Frankie’s not reliable enough to give me that.”

Jesus wept.


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