Anorak News | The Sun uses Tony Nicklinson to attack the ‘bullying’ BBC – the Twerps

The Sun uses Tony Nicklinson to attack the ‘bullying’ BBC – the Twerps

by | 20th, June 2012

THE Sun calls BBC West Midlands radio host Adrian Goldberg an “insensitive” bully for mistakenly tweeting “twerp” instead of “tweep”.

The non-story is based on Tony Nicklinson, who has locked-in syndrome. He says his life is “dull, miserable, demeaning, undignified and intolerable“. He wants to end it. He wants anyone who helps him die – his condition means he cannot kill himself – not to be prosecuted. His case has reached the High Court, where men who are not suffering and do not know what it feels like to be Tony Nicklinson, will determine if he should live on.

Mr Nicklinson has taken his campaign to determine ownership of his own body on twitter. Mr Goldberg was trailing his interview with the man’s daughter Lauren Nicklinson:

“We hear from daughter of ‘right to die’ Twerp tonynicklinson and debate his situation on bbcwm from 9”

Goldberg soon realised his error and tweeted “whoops”. The Sun adds that he “did not correct his insensitive and bullying remark.”

Only, it wasn’t bullying. And he tweeted:

“Accidentally called your dad a Twerp; I meant Tweep. Apologies.”

Lauren Nicklinson tweets:

“It was a genuine mistake which we picked up on immediately so not a problem.”

Good to see that with man’s life at stake, it will not score cheap points again the BBC for a typo…

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