Anorak News | The Glasgow Mela is religion for exhibitionists

The Glasgow Mela is religion for exhibitionists

by | 24th, June 2012

TO the Glasgow Mela for fun, and chance to see Govinda Lal insert a bent rod up his nose and pull it out of his mouth in Kelvingrove Park. The show, with its Trapeze artists, magicians, singers and dancers, is based around Indian entertainment.

Mela, originates from Sanskrit and means ‘to meet’. Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism. Can it be that Hinduism is the true religion for exhibitionists? In recent years, show offs and narcissists has been opting for Islam, hijacking the religion and threatening to below people up unless all the ‘infidels’ leave Afghanistan and stop supporting Spurs. But with a mela, you get to entertain everyone and anyone while teaching the paying punters how to hang yourself up like a drip dry shirt. Maybe, all religions should form a circus, united under the Big Top?


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