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Why we should increase banking bonuses at RBS / NatWest

by | 25th, June 2012

YES, isn’t it a quite lovely fuck up at RBS/NatWest at the moment? The entire computing systems messed up as a result of someone trying to improve them. The answer is, of course, that we should increase the bonuses paid within the bank.

Not to the people who currently work there, of course. Rather, to the people who are going to come in and take over from those incompetents:

It also occurs to me that the best way for RBS to prevent a reoccurrence of this is to pay Good Money to find and recruit a small number of really good engineers from Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. (all famed for their uptime and reliability – yes, even Microsoft) and give them free rein to fix software, processes and people. Give them a large, meaty bonus conditional on measurable reliability improvements and comprising a significant proportion of RBS shares. Perhaps this is one case where public and FSA wouldn’t object to large “banker bonuses”.

What we need to remember is the following. This cock up is going to mean people moving their accounts. Fewer accounts makes RBS worth less money. We own, as taxpayers, RBS. It’s in our own interests to pay people good cash to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Yup, we really do want to splash the cash on the employees of the company that we own.

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