Anorak News | Pricasso takes his penile paintings to the masses (video)

Pricasso takes his penile paintings to the masses (video)

by | 27th, June 2012

REMEMBER how ingenious you thought it was the first time you pissed in the snow and drew a picture. I’ve fantasised about doing this but I know the only thing I’d be able to draw without a Shewee squatting is a deranged looking circle. Anyway regardless, the world infamous Pricasso is stuck in that joyful stage of development and has taken his penile paintings to a mass audience all over the world. He’s painted everyone from Gordon Ramsey to Hugh Hefner and shaken his money maker on German T.V using only his dick, balls and cheeks. This clip will bring a smile to your face and wondering why your xeroxed buttocks from last years Christmas Party aren’t hanging up in a gallery somewhere.

Pricasso from tim patch on Vimeo.

Aurora Bankhead

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