Anorak News | $1million for Chris Brown versus Drake in a boxing ring

$1million for Chris Brown versus Drake in a boxing ring

by | 28th, June 2012

DESPITE the fact Chris Brown and Drake are two of the lamest humans on the planet, barely able to fight their way out of a sleeping bag, they’ve been indulging themselves in a good ol’ fashioned beef. Or, more accurately in this case, a ‘Quorn’.

After throwing nasty looks at each other, doing some snide tweets and sending a few bottles up into the air in a nightclub, the world has fixed its glare on them to see if they’ll actually do anything interesting. Ever.

While we wait for the popsters to do something, a promoter is trying to grease the wheels and actually offer them money to throw punches at each other. Basically, they’re getting offered $1 million each to go toe-to-toe in a boxing ring. And it needs to happen because we all need a laugh in these difficult times.

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman has told various reporters that billionaire bottling heir (how apt) Alki David (again, how apt) has offered to stump up the cash to make this bout happen. Furthermore, he’ll sweeten the deal with an extra $1 million for charity if they can prove they’re more than just mouth.

Feldman wants a pay-per-view fight consisting of three one-minute rounds on August 25th, but, as we all know, Drake and Chris Brown are thunderous wimps who won’t actually do anything beyond snarky updates on social networking.

Maybe if Drake dressed up as a woman, Breezy would be more inclined to join in?

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