Anorak News | Man returned used enemas to CVS pharmacy in Florida – did you buy some?

Man returned used enemas to CVS pharmacy in Florida – did you buy some?

by | 1st, July 2012

TO San Jose Boulevard, Florida, where a man is returning a box of enemas to a CVS pharmacy. The man receives a full refund. The ready-to-use saline enmas are placed back on the shelves. Only, they have been used. They are now second-hand enemas..

Shop worker Dustin McDonald, tells police, “the suspect told him that it was for the suspect’s mother and she no longer needed them”.  McDonald did then “check the box of enemas to be sure that they were not tampered with.” He “observed that all the enemas were used.” The shopper had “re-glued the bottom of the box so that it appeared that it had not been opened.”

Well done for checking. But this is story as much about one sly shopper as it is about trust and standards.
McDonald decided to check other boxes of enemas on the shelves. He found three boxes previously returned by the same man were full of used product.
Once more, the boxes has been opened from the bottom (natch.) and resealed.Understandably, CVS personnel did not call the police. Though we admire the store’s no questions returns policy, shopping for medical goods should not be lucky dip, or unlucky dip, as is the case here. Still, when the Enema Bandit returned a fifth time, the police were called. The man left. The police checked CCTV. The man was identified and soon after arrested.

CVS has been “proactively contacting” 21 customers who purchased “any of the potentially impacted enema products” during the man’s active period.

UPDATE: In other news, a white child born to black parents who bought condoms at the same CVS branch are wondering if they should get the child’s bowels checked out…

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