Anorak News | Shearer praises Spain for having “an unbelievable amount of sex”

Shearer praises Spain for having “an unbelievable amount of sex”

by | 2nd, July 2012

LIKE anyone sensible, you watched the Euro 2012 Championships fianl between Spain and Italy on BBC1. You did this because ITV has ad breaks and Clive Tyldesley. You did this because the BBC no longer has John Motson, much. You did this because the BBC has Gary Lineker’s understanding, patience and wit.

True enough, the BBC does have Alan “unbelievable” Hansen, a man for whom the incredible amounts to Andy Carroll heading a ball. It also has Alan Shearer. Just as Roy Hodgson’s XI are exciting because they make so many mistakes, Shearer is the old pro tripping over thoughts which, if his expression is a guide to what’s occurring within, are born in constipation whilst being sat on a fence.

Having interrupted his barrage of insight-free comment by telling us that Mario Balotelli has acheived nothing in his career (aide from lots of winners’ medal in England and Italy), Shearer watched Spain’s Gerard Pique, lover to singer Shakira, clutch the Euro trophy and offered:

‚ÄúThese guys have had an unbelievable amount of sex.”

That’s the kind of insight ITV’s Arian Chiles can only marvel at and respect. It might also explain why so many England players cheat on their wives and girlfriends. It’s not them. It’s the Spanish. It’s competition…

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