Anorak News | Little Spanish Sprogs invade Pitch at Euro 2012 Final – blame Dennis Wise

Little Spanish Sprogs invade Pitch at Euro 2012 Final – blame Dennis Wise

by | 2nd, July 2012

BLAME Dennis Wise. Once upon a time children dreamt of treading the hallowed turf after a life dedicated to improving footballing skills. It all went awry at the 2000 FA Cup Final of 2000, when Chelsea’s Wisey bowed to sentiment and playground oneupmanship by sitting his child inside the fabled trophy. What once was storyed and legend became an all-in-one silver potty.

So. At the European Championships final, the final whistle was a trigger for playtime. Children emerged from all directions, running with enthusiasm but little direction and end result over the pitch (think Mini England, or, indeed Dennis Wise playing for Kevin Keagan).

As grown men in the Italians blue wept openly, the Spanish children larked about. One even scored a ‘goal’, so upstaging Mario Balotelli and his teammates. Adult fans are now rendered unable to invade the pitch for far of stepping on the next generation of Spanish talent, squashing a little Iniesta or Silva underfoot. It’s all very well Fernando Torres telling his daughter to meet him the goal if she gets lost, but if the hombres and Ultras are bringing down the goalposts, disaster and distress may loom.

We hereby urge Uefa to install an information kiosk on the centre of all pitches, equipped with CRB checked child minders and crisps…

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