Anorak News | Drivers race over a massive Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop (video)

Drivers race over a massive Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop (video)

by | 2nd, July 2012

READERS of a certain vintage will recall Martin’s Marvelloius Mini, the mainstay strip in the Tiger comics: Martin Baker owned a racing mini which he called ‘George’.  With his mechanic pal, Tiny Hill, he’d travels the world competing in amazing races. He’d drive over mountains, rivers, jungle and active volcanoes. He could drive upside down. Fast forward to the 2012 X Games Los Angeles, and drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy have driven twin race cars over a 66 foot tall Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop.

Comics are now real life. Growing up might not be overrated, after all:

ESPN reports:

Foust and Tracy hit 52 mph in the track and experienced approximately 7Gs going through the loop.

“That was pretty hardcore: the 7 Gs … I almost felt my chin hit my lap, I think, in the loop,” Foust said after finishing the stunt in the Team Yellow car. “I felt like I was in a toy.”

To avoid passing out from the force of seven times gravity, Foust’s strategy was to “grunt, tighten your core and try to make your eyeballs and veins pop out.”



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