Anorak News | Nell Diamond tweets Bob Diamond’s survival

Nell Diamond tweets Bob Diamond’s survival

by | 3rd, July 2012

BOB Diamond’s daughter is called Nell Diamond. She is one letter off being a tribute act to Neil Diamond. Nell’s in the news because her dad has resigned his job as head scapegoat at Barclay’s, and she told George Osborne and Ed Miliband to “go ahead and #HMD”.

HMD, we learn, is an abbreviation for Hold My Dick.

She also tweeted:

No one in the world I admire more than my dad. 16yrs building Barclays. Shame to see the mistakes of few tarnish the hard work of so many.

Her retweets suggest a young woman with a good sense of humour.

But back to that name. There’s a lot in it. If Bob Diamond had been George Robin-Flee, it’d have been better. But Bob Diamond is almost the perfect name for a City trader in the money markets. Bob suggests a survivor. You can imagine him working as Rob Diamond for a number of years without promotion. Then he changes it to Bob and looks a good bet to survive a slump. Indeed, as he leaves his job as chief executive, the Barclay’s share price bobs up.

It’s nominatie determinism. Bob Diamond was destined.

As for Nell Diamond… Well, she’s just sounding the gong for a great dinner…

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