Anorak News | Leading Democrat hits the wrong fracking button

Leading Democrat hits the wrong fracking button

by | 6th, July 2012

OOPS! Hitting the wrong button when you’re in power can cause a problem. Clive James once said of President Gerald Ford:

“In the Bob Hope Golf Classic, the participation of President Gerald Ford was more than enough to remind you that the nuclear button was at one stage at the disposal of a man who might have either pressed it by mistake or else pressed it deliberately in order to obtain room service.”

Over in North Carolina, one Democrat has hit the wrong f***king button:

A veteran lawmaker in North Carolina says she pushed the wrong button late Monday night in a marathon legislative session and accidentally opened up the state to fracking.

Rep. Becky Carney, a five-term Democrat from Charlotte, burst into tears after mistakenly voting with Republicans to override Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of the contentious legislation. The measure lifts the ban on hydraulic fracturing as a means for mining for natural gas.

Ms. Carney and other Democrats asked for a do-over, as is common when a member pushes the wrong button. But in this instance, Republicans said no.

Carney supports Project Vote Smart.

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