Anorak News | Dappy gets in trouble for showing support to the murderer of Philip Lawrence

Dappy gets in trouble for showing support to the murderer of Philip Lawrence

by | 6th, July 2012

HEY! You know what’s a good idea? Being a celebrity and sticking up for someone who murdered headteacher Philip Lawrence! In fact, it is such a good idea to show support for a murderer that you should probably dedicate your pop video to him!

Isn’t that right Dappy?

That’s right. The bluntest spoon in the drawer and former N Dubz warbler, Dappy, in his new single Tarzan 2 (no, honestly), has the message “Free Leo Chindamo” in the opening credits. That’d be Chindamo who was jailed last year after breaching the terms of his licence by meeting a gang member, breaking a curfew and failing a breath test… oh, and stabbing Philip Lawrence outside his school in west London in ’95.

Dappy tweeted fans, saying: “Hope ur enjoying Tarzan Part 2. Like i told u im just warming up. Its only right 1 of us tells it how it should.”

Obviously, someone has lifted up the woollen flap that covers Dappy’s thunderously imbecilic head and told him what an outrageously stupid thing he’s done, leaving him wringing his hands today and apologising to the family of murdered teacher.

After hearing the news Dappy took to Twitter to apologise for referencing Chindamo in the clip: “Just wanted to say I honestly wasn’t aware he did that, I knew his brother from when I was young. In no way did I intend to cause any upset and certainly didn’t know about his past. My heart goes out to Mr Laurence’s [sic] family and I know the pain of losing a loved one, sincerely Daps.”

Lawrence’s widow Frances spoke about Dappy’s careless actions to The Sun: “I haven’t heard the song yet. But I don’t think it is right someone should be making money from using his name in a song.”

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