Anorak News | Jordanian MP pulls gun in TV debate on Syria

Jordanian MP pulls gun in TV debate on Syria

by | 7th, July 2012

TO Jordan, where Mohammed Shawabka MP is debating stuff with  Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad, a former MP and cheerleader for Syria’s President Assad.  Shawabka says Murad is “an agent of Syria”. Murad says Shawabka is “an agent of the Israeli Mossad”.

Offender, Shawabka tosses one of his shoes at Murad. He then pulls a gun.

We knew that shoe tossing lark was just for the cameras. Did Saddam Hussein have Scud missiles shaped likes shoes? No. Does Assad wear winkle-pickers with a steel cap? No. Ok, Mrs Assad does have killer heels, but they jut go with his slender legs (see Vogue). It’s guns they really use to wound. Also grenades, which are tucked down socks and can pass for bunions…

YouTube link.

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