Anorak News | Black woman bleached baby to trick Indian lover

Black woman bleached baby to trick Indian lover

by | 8th, July 2012

TO Bulawayo Magistrates’ Court, Zimbabwe, where Varaidzo Moyo, 40, is answering two counts of fraud. Her husband, Samuel Chikopa, 30, has also been arrested for his part in the alleged scam that saw the couple adopt a baby and then bleach its skin to obtain money by deception.Moyo’s plan was, allegedly, to trick her Indian lover, one Milton Parker, into believing that the one-year-old girl was his. She wanted the baby to appear mixed-race. She would then move in with him and milk him for cash.It’s an incredible plot.

It makes other men wonder if that baby is theirs, after all. Andy why, for instance, does Prince Harry persist with dying his hair red if James Hewitt is not his father? Is his kinky hair a genetic throwback? Is anyone a natural blonde?

Much to ponder…

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