Anorak News | Had Eva Rausing been poor she would have got drugs treatment in prison

Had Eva Rausing been poor she would have got drugs treatment in prison

by | 11th, July 2012

EVA Rausing, formerly Eva Kennedy, 48, is dead. Her body was found in her Cadogan Place townhouse. Her husband is Hans Kristian Rausing, 49. He’s the son the Tetra Pak drinks carton tycoon.

Mr Rausing stands to inherit an estimated £5.4 billion fortune from his Swedish father, also named Hans.

As any of his product users will attest, anything Rausing deals in is likely to be messy. His wife’s death is. When a rich white woman dies from dugs, it’s always news.

Mr Rausing, a trustee of the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs. He has also been arrested in connection with Eva Rausing’s death. He’s in hospital. Why? We can only guess.

The Evening Standard says Eva Rausing is “believed to have died of a drug overdose”.

When did she die? Well, the might have been dead for a week or so. And – get his – Mr Rausing might have lived in the house with her dead body.

Right now police says Mrs Rausing’s is “unexplained”. A post-mortem examination has proven nothing.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman tells one and all:

“Officers from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command are investigating, and the death continues to be treated at this time as unexplained.”

Mrs Rausing’s body was not found in red zipped-up bag.  Clues are focused on the drugs?

Well, Hans Rausing and Eva Kennedy met at an addiction clinic in the U.S. 25 years ago.

Eva Rausing was a co-patron with the Duchess of Cambridge of the drug charity Action on Addiction.

The Times tells us:

Four years ago, Mrs Rausing was allegedly caught trying to take crack cocaine and heroin into a function at the American Embassy in London. She was stopped by security guards and found to have small “wraps” of drugs in her handbag. Her husband was also arrested when officers allegedly discovered £2,000 of Class A drugs, including cocaine, at their home. The couple avoided prosecution by acknowledging their addictions and agreeing to seek help, and have kept a low profile since.

Not even a criminal record. Had they been black and poor would they have gotten the same treatment? Or would they been sent to prison?

Image: This photo of Nov. 26, 1996 shows Eva Rausing, right, and her husband Hans Kristian Rausing at Winfield House, London, the residence of the US ambassador to the UK attending the Glamour America Fashion Show and lunch. 

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