Anorak News | Kate Middleton and Prince William: No ‘sex for months’

Kate Middleton and Prince William: No ‘sex for months’

by | 13th, July 2012

ARE you one of those people who preoccupies themselves with how much and what kind of sex other people are having? Is this because there’s so little of it in your life you like to live vicariously through the groins of others? Or is it just a case of being a nosey bugger who gets loads either way?

Well, genital enthusiasts, you’ll be thrilled to learn that someone is saying that Prince William and his glamorous commoner wife, Kate Middleton, aren’t getting any, at all, for ages. The poor lambs. No Royal Baby for you braying flag-wavers, that’s for sure.

Of course, most new couples are at it like Swedes, but there’s little mattress action going on with the blue bloods. They’re just too busy. Wills has a ‘job’ as a pilot for the RAF Sea King Search and Rescue team and Kate has to wave at people all day.

A source revealed: “More often than not [for Kate], it’s a case of off to bed for the night on her own while her husband is working.”

It’s worth pointing out that The Queen and Princess Diana fell pregnant within a year of their royal weddings. Also, William has previously stated that starting a family was his “main priority” and that he and Kate were very keen to get pregnant.

Sadly, you Royalness, you’re actually going to have to get one’s wang down and dirty if you’re going to have a family and, no, the lads in the RAF don’t count. Still, if you’re that busy, James Hewitt probably has his afternoon’s free.

Golden taxi for Marbella!

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