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Lady GaGa: S&M pipe smoker

by | 12th, July 2012

COMPARATIVELY speaking, Lady GaGa has been off the radar for a while now, making the alarming decision to ‘concentrate on her music’. This means we’ve got seen her in an outrageous outfit or heard about her promiscuity for at least 10 minutes.

However, that’s all about to change as we ready ourselves for news so shocking and wild that the entire planet may suck up the oceans as we collectively gasp!

Lady Gaga has been photographed smoking a pipe that resembles one used for cannabis abuse.

Oh Jesus no! Say it ain’t so! Now, before we continue, we have to consider that GaGa is incredibly open about her drug use. In the past, she’s talked about doing lines of coke off pages in the Bible and, furthermore, she’s said that she “smokes a lot of pot” when writing music.

So when the singer sparked up in her car after dinner in LA last night, it lead some people to suspect that she was smoking marijuana. Because she smokes it a lot anyway. And it’s absolutely no surprise if she is. And she probably smokes the same amount of weed as your average middle class blue collar worker in this thirties who listens to dubstep and plays video games all night.

If GaGa was indeed, having a toot, then we can assume that, after she’d just got in from Australia the day before, she was probably trying to ease her nauseating jetlag.

Now, there’s no accounting for the fact she was wearing what has been described as a “bondage outfit” with fantastically high platform boots, but that’s GaGa for you.

We can only hope the reports have got it wrong and she’s taken up smoking an old-man’s pipe. No, not like that, you dirty minded swine.

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