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Daily Telegraph blogger Inspector Winter is prisoner Ellis Ward

by | 13th, July 2012

YOU will be familiar with the work of Inspector Winter, who worked the Twitter beat.

His work featured in the Daily Telegraph. The organ of repute snapped up Winter to produce a “graphic blog on revisiting Tottenham…in plain clothes following the riots.” The “anonymous tweeting police officer” was in the know and on the scene. He would relay to Telegraph readers the “chaos” of trying to keep order during the riots.

He wrote:

“I have worked every night and every day this week. Since last Saturday, when I was on the streets of Tottenham in north London in the early hours as rioting and looting broke out, through to the early hours of yesterday morning. I have clocked up around 125 hours, too many of them being pelted by stones, petrol bombs and, in one case, in the chaos of it all, by a 4ft ornamental palm tree.

“All that has sustained me has been a few hours of snatched sleep between shifts, plenty of tea, the occasional packet of Haribo sweets to provide a much-needed energy burst – and an unshakeable belief, shared with my fellow officers, that I have a responsibility for the safety of my colleagues, and for the decent, law-abiding majority of the community here in London where I live.

“I am in my mid-30s and have been a police officer for 15 years, most recently in plain clothes doing surveillance. I am also in the Territorial Army and have seen service in Iraq. So I thought I’d witnessed most things in the course of my career. I was on duty at the G20 demonstrations in London in 2009, for example. But nothing prepared me for what I experienced on the front line this week.”

One tweet ran:

“Since Saturday, I’ve spent 98hrs on duty, worn 2 pairs of socks, made 3 arrests (personally), and had more than 30 cups of tea … In Tottenham I was so timid my baton snapped.”

You may also know him by the name Ethan Winchcombe, of Ware, Hertfordshire. As Winchcombe, he was a major in the Royal Military Police.

John Hawthorne, owner of the Albion pub tells the Times:

“He said he had his leg shot off in Afghanistan, and that the bullet ricocheted up through his nose.”

You are less likely to be familiar with the work of Ellis Ward, a 29-year-old prisoner.

He is due to be sentenced in Salisbury Crown Court later this month after pleading guilty to obtaining and using false credit cards in a girlfriend’s name.

The duped lover is an innocent victim. But that the media is all to ready to believe an anonymous blogger is who they pretend to be is laughable, a joke aided by the police, who use social media as another way of not listening.

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