Anorak News | Man drove road rage driver to police station on bonnet of car (video)

Man drove road rage driver to police station on bonnet of car (video)

by | 14th, July 2012

TO Melbourne, Australia, where Krish Kalli and family are motoring through Dandenong. A ute driver pulls up close and get out of his car. He’s upset. He says Mr Kalli cut him up at the lights. The man takes hold of the bull bars on the front of the Kalli’s SUV.

Mr Kalli edges slowly forward. for two miles Kalli drives in such a fashion. He stops at the police station.

Oddly, Mr Kalli’s family think it a good idea to film the incident and post the video on YouTube.

Both men are now be in trouble with the law. Of course, we can sympathise. The Highway Code has a glaring hole about such matters.

The 2007 edition advises drivers to look out for Home Zones and Quiet Lanes – “places where people could be using the whole of the road for a range of activities”. Be more specific, please. SUV surfing might well break other laws, and driving with a novelty human statuette on the bonnet is a departure from the traditional angels and Stags, but any tips should note the spectre of X-treme sports and global warming. Anything that slow vehicles down to hose-and-cart levels might save the planet.

It’s not road rage. It’s SUV hugging. The trees are all taken…

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