Anorak News | Huge testicles dispute upsets warring New Yorkers

Huge testicles dispute upsets warring New Yorkers

by | 14th, July 2012

SUMMERTIME is the time for people to get out into their gardens and realise how much they dislike their neighbours. To New York, then, where Shirley Draper, of Moulton Ave., Tonawanda, has erected a big set of fake testicles in her rear garden. Her neighbours, the – get this –  Dilibertos, are not happy about the view.Peter Diliberto has called the police. But they, alas, cannot handle the issue. Know that the displaying of gake gonads is legal.

Lt. Nick Bado tells media:
“They [judges] specifically said that they [fake testicles] aren’t considered illegal on vehicles because they are not obscene by the definition of the word. In this case, it was private property as well—so there definitely aren’t any legal grounds.”
The Dilibertos then took a picture of Draper’s big fake testicles. Laminated it. And stuck the big picture in their garden, facing Draper’s property.Draper reached over and ripepd up the picure. Police now act. They will serve Draper with a criminal summons for fourth-degree criminal mischief and trespassing.

The Dilibertos may not be able to work the trapeze while eating crisps, as their name suggests, but they now how to turn the tables on their enemy.
Big pictures are the way to go. As such, Anorak brings to your its new business Leylandii Laminates. Prices start at £4.50 a foot.

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