Anorak News | Honduran teenager sells baby for bunch of grapes

Honduran teenager sells baby for bunch of grapes

by | 16th, July 2012

TO Honduras, where Karina Castro has sold her daughter for $5 and $1 worth of grapes at Belen Market. Karina Castro is 18 and suffers from mental illness.
The woman who traded grapes for a child has yet to be located.

Castro has been arrested. But why? You need no certificate to own a child nor to raise one. The Family Courts system in the UK can split families up on the strength of so-called expert witnesses. Adopting can be a fraught and expensive process. Honduras is poor. Castro might have made the best choice for her child. She did not just get £5. She saved herself much more costs in bringing up her baby.

And grapes are fruit. It’s not like she sold the child for a burger. Then the right-minded could really hate her.

In Bihar, India, Shannu Khatoon has “sold” her four-month-old baby boy Shamim, one of twins, to a Nepalese couple for 100 Nepalese rupees.  Khatoon is a mother of five nursing her physically handicapped husband, Mohammad Shaheed. Says she:

“We all had been literally starving for want of any means to run the family as my husband is completely disabled and hence I was forced to take to this extreme step. I pray my child is safe there.”

Either she sells her child or else the child is forced to join the rest of the family in begging for food. Once again, State police are looking for the child. Women sell their children for the sake of the child because the state does not look after the mothers. And then the state disapproves of you and marks you as a criminal.


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