Anorak News | Horse has ‘Suck It’ carved into his teeth

Horse has ‘Suck It’ carved into his teeth

by | 17th, July 2012

IS Cowboy the horse a punk? When Cowboy smiles he displays the words “suck it” engraved into his front teeth.

A Dr. Samantha Mixon says Cowly has been tortured and is in pain:

“His sensitive structures in his teeth were carved into using a power tool to spell the words ‘suck it.

Mixon wants the engraver held to account. Mixon wants the law to seize the horse and guarantee that it will never be sold to slaughter.

Cowboy’s curent owner is Lisa Sorrell of Bandera. Sorrell, who bought Cowboy from a ranch, says Cowboy likes being riden and is in no pain.Two other vets agree that Cowboy is pain free. She adds that if she finds the carver:

“I’d like to hold him down and carve his teeth without anesthesia.”

Cowboy’s thoughts are no known. But if engraving your horse’s teeth does not hurt, will more pople do it? Are branding and chipping your animals now old hat..?

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