Anorak News | Message to women: No love, sorry, you cannot have it all. Marissa Mayer Edition

Message to women: No love, sorry, you cannot have it all. Marissa Mayer Edition

by | 18th, July 2012

YOU women cannot have it all. Marissa Mayer cannot have it all. Nor can men, of course, but today’s example of the harsh realities of life comes from Marissa Mayer. Now we might think that she’s the perfect poster child for a woman who can hand indeed does have it all. One of the early Google engineers, thus worth squillions from stock options. Just appointed CEO of Yahoo, thus with the opportunity to make more squillions.

Most certainly a looker (let’s face it, she was most unlikely to have ever been short of a date now, was she?) and, get this, she gets chosen as that CEO while 6 months pregnant!

But no, this isn’t everything. Something indeed has to give, choices do indeed have to be made. And here’s her’s:

A decade on, it’s refreshing to learn that the Yahoo bosses don’t believe motherhood and executive office are incompatible. Mayer has already said, with geeky grit, “My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I’ll work throughout it.”

Staying on the corporate treadmill, luxuriating in those precious few months or years of a child’s life: sorry about this bubbaroonies, but it is still a choice that needs to be made.

Further, while this specific choice might be something that only women have to make the basic idea that we all do have to make choices is still there. I’d quite like to be a billionaire CEO while living on a Caribbean island and doing no work: not one of those choices that this universe provides to me, unfortunately.

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