Anorak News | Olympic torch bearer Jerri Peterson bypasses Olympic tattoo police

Olympic torch bearer Jerri Peterson bypasses Olympic tattoo police

by | 19th, July 2012

JERRI Peterson, 54, invested in a new tattoo to mark the day when she carried the Olympic torch through Derby. Peterson, from Atlanta, USA, got to hold the torch because she works for a hotel chain that’s paid lots of money for the right to call itself the “official hotel provider to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games” and does charity work.
Jerri got her tattoo back home in the US. It spells “Oylmpic”. Says she:
“I always wanted to have a tattoo but I never quite felt passionate about any one thing to have it put on my body permanently. So when I was selected for this wonderful honour, I thought ‘that’s it – I’m ready to have my tattoo’.” 
Jerri only noticed the error when she took a photo and sent it to a friend.
“I looked at it and I was so disappointed. I called my husband and he giggled a little bit. Then I started laughing about it and I’ve laughed ever since…It’s the Oy-limpics – it’s as unique as I am.”
She dodged the bullet. Non-official use of the Olympics logo and branding will incur the wrath of the IOC. Jerri Peterson may have been guilty of copyright theft…


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