Anorak News | Boy finds free lizard baked into loaf of bread

Boy finds free lizard baked into loaf of bread

by | 21st, July 2012

CHEAP protein is the wonder of the modern age. Just get a load of what William Evans, 10, from, Hawkchurch near Axminster, Devon, who says he found a meat lizard baked in a Tesco’s multi-grain brown loaf. No extra charge. You’d think young Evans would be well chuffed.

And what odds dad Marcus is trying to play down the freebie so that not everyone wants one. He tells the Midweek Herald:

“The poor little lad was absolutely traumatised by it. He went to take a slice off for some toast, turned the loaf over and found the lizard stuck on the bottom.”

Got that, ten-year-old boys? Having a lizard sandwich will render you traumatised. It is not fun. It is not something to show your awe-struck mates. Eating it will not give your dino-strength. Buying one will not always get our face in the paper.

Now get me a crocodile sandwich and make it…. traumatic. (Tesco’s are investigating.)

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