Anorak News | Dad’s rectum impaled on children’s fairground ride

Dad’s rectum impaled on children’s fairground ride

by | 22nd, July 2012

YOU join us at the Furuvik theme park near Gävle in eastern Sweden, where a 31-year-old man has become impaled on a child’s ride. His rectum has been penetrated by the tow-bar on a minicar truck.

Says the father of two, now free:

“It was a complete shock to the whole body.”
His children, aged 2 and 4, had been riding the minicar. The older girl wanted help driving the vehicle. So dad jumped in:
“She can’t step on the gas pedal herself, so I lifted her up and jumped on the back of the truck so she would fit in front of me.”
Dad did not see the the tow bar sticking out from the vehicle’s rear. He sat on it, causing the tow bar to protrude from his rear when it tore through his jeans and hooked his rectum. Says he:
“It was terribly painful,”
A worker dashed over and lifted dad clear. He was taken to the toilets to wash. The venue then gave him a pair of shorts to wear. The theme park also treated him to a free lunch. And that would have been the end of the matter were it not for the fact that the man’s blood has been poisoned. He has been taken to hospital.
Says Erika Rydstrand, the Furuvik marketing director:
“Not even in your wildest dreams could you foresee an accident such as this. He must have sat down very hard seeing as his trousers were also ripped.”
Meanwhile… somewhere in America, a lawyer shivers. Sue the theme park. Sue the jeans makers. Sue the child. Sue Sweden. Sue the bacteria.

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