Anorak News | Flying turtle breaks noodle bar owner’s toe

Flying turtle breaks noodle bar owner’s toe

by | 23rd, July 2012

TO Chongqing, southwest China, where restauranteur Yao Chen has had a near death experience with a flying turtle. As Chen was stood outside his noodle bar, a turtle fell / jumped from the window of a 45-storey building.
The turtle hit his foot, breaking his big toe.
Says Chen:
“If I had been standing just a fraction more to the left then it would have hit me on the head. The size of it and the speed it was falling at means I probably would have been killed.”
The turtle had to be put down. Chen adds:
“Customers were telling me to make a soup with it, but I didn’t want any more bad luck. It probably would have poisoned my guests or something.”
 The best part of this story is the photo featuring Chen holding the turtle and an unidentified woman pointing to the skies as if checking the wind speed and direction for any other suicidal pets…

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