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Plan B: Accidental racist

by | 23rd, July 2012

CROCS. Mullets. Socks and sandals. Global Hypercolor knickers. They’re all pretty bad fashion faux-pas, but none really compare to one Plan B made, which made him look like a massive racist to which he’s had to apologise for.

Basically, Plan B appeared on the cover of Shorlist appearing to be a fan of Neo Nazism.

The iLL Manors warbler appeared with a t-shirt which featured a photograph of a man stood before some graffiti saying Skrewdriver. Now, if you don’t know who they are, let us just point out that Nick Griffin has been in their liner notes and ‘thank-yous’ on their LPs. That’d be Griffin when he was in the National Front, rather than this supposedly cleaned-up modern Griffin.

Naturally, Plan B didn’t have the vaguest notion who Skrewdriver were when he wore the shirt, but he obviously does now after a number of people kicked off about it. Plan B apologised via a statement to the fabulous music site, The Quietus.

He said: “I was ignorant to the existence of the band Skrewdriver. I don’t listen to music like that so I wouldn’t know the names of bands that make that music.”

“I was wearing a t-shirt I created using a photograph from the photographer Gavin Watson’s book Skins.”

“I asked him if I could print shots from his book on to t-shirts. I made a number of these t-shirts. Gavin’s photos are relevant to me because the represent the demonized youth of the past. Just like my generation of young people are demonized in the media to all be hoodie wearing thugs and chavs so were the skinheads in the 80’s.”

“The minute I found out what the words on the t-shirt meant I was angry with myself for not questioning them. The t-shirt is not official nor is it on sale anywhere. It was of my own doing and therefore it is my mistake, but that is all it is.”

So there you have it. On one hand, it is good that Plan B doesn’t listen to dreckish right wing punk, but also, just shows you that he’s one of those berks who wears band t-shirts without knowing who they are (we’re looking at you, Topshoppers in Ramones tees).

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