Anorak News | Summer of the fox: Urban vermin ‘scalps’ for garlic bread

Summer of the fox: Urban vermin ‘scalps’ for garlic bread

by | 24th, July 2012

THE fox is back! The Sun introduces readers to “shaken mum” Lisa Pearce. When she felt a tug on her hair as she lay in her garden in Cannock, Staffs, Lisa thought it was her cat Puss. It was a fox. She tried to “shoo it” away.

But it became aggressive and sank its teeth into her head as she shielded daughter Holly, three, from the attack.

Lisa “whacked it in the face”. But her hands became “drenched in blood”.

She tells the Sun:

“I thought I’d been scalped. It was so painful and I was hugely shaken up. took Holly inside, terrified it would come back and attack her. If it had got Holly, who knows what might have happened. I can’t let her out to play in case it comes back.”

Anorak cannot help but notice that Mrs Pearce’s hair is fox red. She parts it to reveals darker roots and a small scab. Might this have been a case of mistaken identity? Might the fox have been trying to fend off a turf rival? Or maybe it was foreplay?

Of course, this is the summer of the Fox, the annual tabloid trawl thought dangerous moments with urban foxes. The Express & Star takes up the baton, telling readers:

In March, civil servant Seb Baker, 29, was attacked by a red fox as he walked to his home in Kent home from the supermarket…Eventually, Mr Baker resorted to offering the animal his loaf of garlic bread and the fox scampered off.

The Sun then makes it triple-play off fox scares:

KATE Commerford, 29, found a fox chewing a handbag on her BED in Bracknell, Berks. It bolted through an open door.

Ends of days, readers. End of days…

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