Anorak News | Explaining racism to Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong and ‘Scum Yids’

Explaining racism to Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong and ‘Scum Yids’

by | 25th, July 2012

THE FA have charged Arsenal player Emmanuel Frimpong with improper conduct for a tweet in which the injured player called a Spurs fan “Scum Yid”. That was in response to the Spurs fans tweeting Frimpong: “I prayed you break your arms and legs.”

As the Spurs fan reels in pain at the mean name calling, doubtless too traumatised by the sheer horror to check his inbox, the FA go on the record:

“Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong has been charged under FA Rule E3 for improper conduct in relation to recent comments made on Twitter. The allegation is that Frimpong posted comments amounting to improper conduct and/or which brought the game into disrepute, which included a reference to ethnic origin, faith or race.”

If Frimpong is wrestling with what racism means, he could do worse that cock and ear to Slavoj Zizek explains European racism on ABC:

Clinging to ethnic identity serves as a protective shield against the traumatic fact of being caught in the whirlpool of non-transparent financial abstraction – the true “foreign body” which cannot be assimilated is ultimately the infernal self-propelling machine of the Capital itself.

Yeah. What he said, you f***ing **** knobhead…

More on those Spurs ‘Yids’ here.

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