Anorak News | Liam Cocoran-Fort, 11, took a cheap flight to Rome (no hidden extras)

Liam Cocoran-Fort, 11, took a cheap flight to Rome (no hidden extras)

by | 26th, July 2012

FOR a few hours Liam Cocoran-Fort was the coolest kid in Manchester. The Cock of the North had, at just 11 years of age, given his mum, Mary, the slip as she shopped in Asda Wythenshawe, headed to Manchester Airport and boarded a flight to Rome. He had done this with no ticket, no passport, no money and no great plan.

And then the Sun showed us that the 11-year-old boy wonder had made the journey without his big teddy. Rather than being a hero to adolescents and adults who hanker for halcyon carefree says of their youth and demand that children watch less telly, Liam Corcoran-Fort is “little Liam Corcoran-Fort”, a smiling child in a Ben Ten T-shirt cuddling his teddy bear.

Liam tells us: “Getting on the plane was easier than doing my homework…even easier than computer games.”

You may wonder about the level of Liam’s homework when he tells us that he only ended up on the Jet2 plans to Rome because he was looking for the toilet:

“I went in the toilet and sat there but I couldn’t get out. Then — whoosh! — we were going up in the sky.”

Liam was on an flight to Rome. And not just any flight. This was budget airline. As he says;

“I just sat on my chair but they didn’t give me food or anything to drink.”

Welcome to modern air travel, Liam. And well done. The Sun might have reduced this Huck Finn by making him appear a young 11, and telling us of his “learning difficulties”, but anyone who manages to negotiate the unpleasantness of budget Airline staff and board a flight for free deserves our respect.

Liam is not as mentally negligible as the Sun paints him. He surely just believed the marketing that you can get cheap flight for 50p or less. The lad’s an innocent abroad. You want a cheap flight. They can’t handle you having a cheap flights.


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