Anorak News | Kiaran Stapleton murdered Anuj Bidve to look hard

Kiaran Stapleton murdered Anuj Bidve to look hard

by | 26th, July 2012

KIARAN Stapleton is not psychotic. Stapleton is the self-styled ‘Psycho’ who murdered Anuj Bidve. The 23-year-old Indian student was shot at point-blank range in Salford on Boxing Day 2011.

At Manchester Crown Court Stapleton, 21, from Ordsall, in Salford, admitted to killing Bidve. Stapleton claimed diminished responsibility. But the jury rejected it. They said he was just a thug who wanted to his area’s “hard man”.

Stapleton was grassed up by his companion, Ryan Holden.

When Bidve was murdered the talk was of race wars and it being a “racially-motivated hate crime“. It wasn’t. It was murder. Stapleton went out looking for trouble armed with a 9mm handgun. Voices will mention Stapleton’s uneducated white working class roots and Bidve’s middle-class background to make political capital from both.

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