Anorak News | Newquay police raced to arrest ‘cosmic’ Rodney Trotter for ID fraud

Newquay police raced to arrest ‘cosmic’ Rodney Trotter for ID fraud

by | 27th, July 2012

THE ID brandished by the would-be drinker says he’s called Rodney Trotter, of 23 Nelson Mandela House, Peckham. You might know him from the BBC TV documentary Only Fools And Horses. The teenager’s birthday is given as 26 February 1960. The cardholder tells the doormen at the Newquay Arms that he’s 24.

Says the bar’s manager:

“I was there when he turned up. He was a bit drunk, he handed over the ID and I looked at it and then scanned it to double check it was fake and then I noticed the picture. It had Rodney Trotter’s picture and I said to him “so this is you?” and he just said “yeah yeah yeah”. Then I asked him his date of birth and he said it. Then I told him it didn’t match the one that was on the ID.”

The funniest bit of this joke is that the doormen called the police – and the police came. Police Inspector Ian Drummond-Smith tells media:

“Lucky for him he’d left before police arrived, as possessing a forged driving licence can attract two years’ imprisonment.”

What planet are they on? Cosmic, indeed…

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