Anorak News | Your chest and breast wrinkle worries are over

Your chest and breast wrinkle worries are over

by | 28th, July 2012

ARE you troubled by chest wrinkles?

Chest wrinkles can make women feel a little self-conscious, which is definitely not a good feeling to have when you’re trying to relax on the sand.

And what of the rest of us who have to look at your corduroy chest. Ew!

This is why before the summer months hit, women should consider sleeping with Intimia– a chest pillow that works by smoothing out existing chest wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming by keeping the breasts separated.

Thank the Lord!

Intimia® Pillow Bra prevents and cures chest wrinkles in a safe, easy-to-use comfortable way. Designed to eliminate decolletage wrinkles and to prevent new cleavage wrinkles from forming by keeping breasts separated during sleep. Continuous use at night effectively smoothes out existing cleavage wrinkles while preventing new decolletage wrinkles from forming altogether. Enjoy a beauty treatment while you sleep!

The product’s website features a photo of the “inventor”, who seems to have cured any breast wrinkles by pushing the flesh together into “mounds” and having iron-fresh skin ┬á(see photo)…

More useless products for women.

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